about Zandra Kubota

Welcome to my site; please poke around a bit!
Recently the site has undergone a shift towards the tech side of things, and away from visual art. I’ve followed my dad’s footsteps into Python and JavaScript. But I still draw when I can.
My art involves melding influences growing up in a Jamaican family in the Bronx and years spent living in the Nagasaki countryside in Japan. If you like discovering  unique swag, check out my Redbubble shop! I’m also toying with a new in-house shop — take a sneak peak.

Zandra drawing out on the lanai

After a few years away, I’m back in my hometown of NYC. It’s like a gravity well: crushing, hard to break away from, and fascinating all at the same time. Plus, it’s where I keep my mom.

by Satoru Ishikawa Photography
(Back where we started in NYC.)

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Satoru Ishikawa Photography



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