Piz-Zazz… Brooklyn Tote Bags

SOMEbody bought about a dozen of my Katakana Brooklyn tote bags on Zazzle the other day — yay! Just when I was about to give up, someone made a purchase! Thanks, mystery shopper.   🙂

See the bag-nificence here:

UPDATE 7 June 2019: I’ve closed my Zazzle store due to their April 2019 change of policy. My Redbubble store is still open here: https://www.redbubble.com/people/studiozandra/portfolio/recent

Using a WordPress plugin called “Elegant Zazzle Plugin,” I’m able to post my products here. Zazzle has a list of RSS tags which work within this and other plugins as well.

UPDATE 2 OCT 2014: I found that the developer of this plugin embedded his own Zazzle referral ID number into the code. If you are a user of this plugin, you can replace it with your own ID number (find it under the Associates menu when you log in to Zazzle) by selecting Plugins > Editor from the WP dashboard. See screenshot below (zstore.php):

view of Zazzle referral ID embedded in code of Elegant Zazzle plugin