1. The name you will give your artifact. — I would call it the “Bri-Den” (because it brightens my den,) but that is just too cheesy…

2. One or more nice images of your prototype. — Well, I used the wrong type of material for waterproofing. The thick coats of paint were adequate, but the construction adhesive turned our NOT to be waterproof. So when it rained the other day, the edging sloughed off and doesn’t look very pretty! I have to scrape it off and re-seal with caulk.

3. Some background on the gap — I live in a basement apartment, so there’s not much natural light. I wanted to devise a way to increase the amount of light entering the room. (Mirrors inside the room only bounce the existing light around. A mirror placed outside the room can direct more light into the room.)

4. next steps to further refine and develop your artifact — re-seal the edges with caulk for better waterproofing.

5. Any other information —  For grading purposes, please keep in mind that this application is for personal use. This was not designed for mass production.

The Coursera class is now finished — phew! No more homework and midnight deadlines for a while. While this course was bent a bit towards commercial product development, I did learn quite a bit and revitalized my interest in 3D printing and fabrication. More on that later…