Jamrock, and updates

Just back from wonderful travel visiting relatives around Jamaica. It was much-needed refreshment, and my first international trip since Sweden, back in the ‘before times’.

obligatory beach image

It was great to spend a lot of time with family. I specifically went to see my aged grandma, who is in her 90s but is still sharp as a tack and still going up and down staircases — bodes well for the ‘ol genome. When I complained about carrying some extra pounds, she chided me that I could use a few trips up and down some steps as well. The Greatest Generation rolls like that!

My intrepid hubby rented a car and drove around the island. Everyone, including me, was pretty impressed with his skills — next time I will definitely fly into Montego Bay instead of Kingston, and rent a car.

Perhaps Portland, Jamaica’s potholed roads are a good metaphor for a coding career.

gif of car interior with view of bumpy road
the country roads are finally being repaved, but in the meantime…

(They are making improvements, but in the meantime here is a hilarious commentary on the lack of repair.) Driving those roads certainly make one question one’s life choices. But then there is a smooth stretch of pavement for a while, and all the struggle and perseverance seems worth it.

I made the really tough decision to leave the role I posted about. The company was great, the people were amazing, the kudos on my progress were good; even React was not as annoying as I’d remembered. It was just one of those weird miscommunications of expectations which sometimes happens, especially when both sides are well-intentioned and perhaps a bit starry-eyed. Once we realized what had occurred, there was some extra work involved for everyone — I personally was pulling unsustainable hours to keep up. Could I have rode out the tough schedule for a year? Likely at the cost of some health and home life, sure. But I think both sides also learned a lot for the better, and ripping off the band-aid salvaged some time and money for all concerned.

Knowing that I can do the job, ‘drinking from the firehose’ of web development and seeing leaps of improvement, is very validating.

So I’m again at a small fork in the road — should I forge ahead with another dev role, or should I take what I’ve learned and revisit the customer support/management-y realm. Before the Jamaica trip I was experiencing a lot of angst about it, but I’ve been reminded that a lot of people dream to have such decisions before them! My gut says to apply for both tracks and see what turns up. I think I shall sleep on it.

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