Testing in Django, or “How long has that been broken?”

When the phrase, “how long has that been broken?” enters into your vocabulary, it’s probably past time to add tests to your project.

Finally got my tests going with some momentum. I’ve also adjusted the dashboard view a bit over at JobTrek; although I’m lacking time to design a UI, at least it looks a bit better now. (Leave a comment if you think I shouldn’t wait to find another Bootstrap theme.) And dear Lord help me, I’ve bought a domain name and even coughed up the $7 for the Heroku Hobby plan with SSL.

I’d learned some basics in the Kickstart Coding course, but couldn’t get my basic tests to pass. Turns out I’d been adding my tests to the wrong tests.py file, in the wrong app directory. Hopefully this blog post will save some random person out there from making the same mistake!

Another beginner issue for me was testing templates and content for anonymous versus authenticated users — more on that in my next post.

For some good, free content on testing in Django, check out VeryAcademy’s series on YouTube.

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