Side project, JobsTrek, YouTube channel

Oh yes, I am officially a YouTuber (cue fanfare.wav). In case you missed it: here’s a video walkthrough of the JobsTrek app. (Discussion of the code starts here.) I was a bit sleepy when I made this one, so let’s just says it’s not exactly electrifying YouTube. But I did enjoy making it! Someday I’ll invest in a proper video editor and make some cuts to these videos.

simple demo of the JobsTrekker Django app

It’s possible that I’ll relaunch once I’ve added an expanded dashboard. I had also started adding a chatbot using the app integration, so I may again get to work with the OpenAI API…stay tuned.

Working with the Nucamp grads and prospective students again is also rewarding — they are a good group of folks trying to better their lives for their families, and seeing them help one another in the community is awesome.

Deciding whether to go further with the YouTube channel, I was able to host another couple of career workshop sessions for some job training clients from Goodwill NYNJ this month. It’s great to be able to offer my skills and just share my experience with what not to do!